Adaptability‭, ‬resilience‭, ‬and the desire for improvement‭ - ‬these were some of the key traits our HCSA team exemplified while continuing to deliver the quality services and support our beneficiaries need‭. ‬

A.I.M‭. ‬Society Celebrates Second Anniversary‭  ‬

Act In Motion‭ (‬A.I.M‭.) ‬Society celebrated its second anniversary on 1‭ ‬May 2021‭ ‬in a hybrid event‭. ‬Attendees were treated to a rousing performance by guest artiste Pastor Jun Undag and a surprise video featuring well wishes from fellow partners like Yellow‭ ‬Ribbon Singapore‭, ‬Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association and more‭.‬

A total of 80‭ ‬A.I.M‭. ‬Society members and their spouses attended the event‭, ‬with 32‭ ‬members receiving certificates celebrating milestones of their desistance journeys‭. ‬

Coming Together for Christmas‭  ‬

In accordance with then-prevailing SMMs‭, ‬HCSA Highpoint hosted its annual Christmas celebration on 18‭ ‬December 2021‭. ‬A total of‭ ‬100‭ ‬guests comprising in-care residents‭, ‬A.I.M‭. ‬Society members and their families came together for an evening of festivities and good cheer‭.‬

Yellow Ribbon Awards 2021

The inaugural Yellow Ribbon Awards 2021‭ ‬is a new award ceremony that recognises individuals and organisations in celebration of‭ ‬their journeys of success‭, ‬collaborations and second chances‭. ‬11‭ ‬A.I.M‭. ‬Society members were recognised as Advocates of Second Chances‭ (‬Overcomers‭) ‬for remaining crime-free for 3‭ ‬years and turning their lives around in one or more ways such as being gainfully employed or furthering their education‭.‬

HCSA also received the Advocate of Second Chances‭ (‬Community Partners‭) ‬award‭.  ‬

Launch of HCSA DRTC’s alumni group‭ - ‬Owena‭ ‬

To encourage HCSA DRTC graduates and former staff to continue to support and stay connected with the programme‭, ‬Owena‭, ‬its alumni group‭, ‬was established on 10‭ ‬October 2021‭. ‬Owena‭, ‬which means‭ ‬“young warrior”‭ ‬in Welsh‭, ‬currently has 23‭ ‬members as of end 2021‭. ‬The group has planned a series of events and activities for 2022‭ ‬to maintain‭ ‬regular engagement with its members‭. ‬

HCSA DRTC Graduates Furthering Their Education

For many of our HCSA DRTC residents‭, ‬achieving academic excellence and integrating back into school life can be a trying time‭. ‬Since graduating from HCSA DRTC‭, ‬Kat‭ (‬not her real name‭) ‬is now‭ ‬currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in‭ ‬nursing‭. ‬Another notable graduate‭, ‬Natasha‭, ‬has completed her Diploma in Early Childhood‭ ‬Education from Ngee Ann Polytechnic‭. ‬She is presently an early childhood educator‭.  ‬

Keeping HCSA DRTC Residents Engaged During Recovery Journeys

CITIVISA’s virtual cookie decorating workshop brought much-needed Christmas cheer‭. ‬Armed with pre-made cookies and colourful piping bags‭,‬‭ ‬our HCSA DRTC residents flexed their creativity with guidance from CITIVISA’s volunteers‭. ‬The activity was well-enjoyed as the girls had fun making‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬and eating‭! ‬‮–‬‭ ‬their sweet creations‭. ‬

Gold Tree Foundation held a workshop in December to teach our girls financial skills and useful saving tips through interactive‭ ‬and relatable activities‭. ‬

Beautiful People organised various recreational sessions‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬one of which a sushi-roll making workshop‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬that encouraged our HCSA‭ ‬DRTC residents to bond and have fun with each other‭.  ‬

Volunteers from National University of Singapore‭ (‬NUS‭) ‬conducted fortnightly recreational and/or educational activities for our‭ ‬HCSA DRTC residents‭. ‬In particular‭, ‬the mid-autumn festival session was a hit‭, ‬with the girls enjoying mooncake-making and night‭ ‬walk with their own colourful lanterns‭.  ‬ ran workshops that focused on self-love‭, ‬self-care‭, ‬and self-compassion‭. ‬Our HCSA DRTC residents thoroughly enjoyed these sessions as they were able to learn various self-care strategies and enhance understanding of their own self‭.‬

Empowerment Events for Single-Parent Families to Learn‭, ‬Bond‭, ‬and Grow

Together with NUS Bizad Club‭, ‬Social Innovation Park‭, ‬and other partners and volunteers‭, ‬we hosted celebrations for Children’s Day‭, ‬Parent’s Day‭, ‬and Christmas‭. ‬

These events were also platforms for our single-parent families to gain knowledge on parenting‭, ‬share and interact with other single parents‭, ‬and to bond with their children‭.  ‬

Volunteers from National University of Singapore‭ (‬NUS‭) ‬conducted fortnightly recreational and/or educational activities for our‭ ‬HCSA DRTC residents‭. ‬In particular‭, ‬the mid-autumn festival session was a hit‭, ‬with the girls enjoying mooncake-making and night‭ ‬walk with their own colourful lanterns‭.  ‬

Increasing Single Parents’‭ ‬Access to Information and Resources

Providing easy access to practical information and resources is a crucial step in empowering our single parent families to be resilient and self-reliant‭. ‬Over the course of 2021‭, ‬we organised and ran a total of seven virtual talks and workshops together with SMU Pro Bono Centre and volunteer Eunice Gan‭ (‬wellness coach and trainer‭). ‬Topics discussed at these workshops included psychological health and legal processes‭. ‬

Counselling services were also piloted in 2021‭, ‬with 16‭ ‬parents receiving psychological support through counselling‭.‬

Delivering Festive Blessings

As part of our annual Chinese New Year‭ ‬‘Fu Dai’‭ ‬and Hari Raya celebrations‭, ‬we delivered goodie bags to a total of 31‭ ‬families‭. ‬These goodie bags were perfect for the various‭ ‬celebrations‭!‬

Launch of Alumni Skills Enhancement Programme

To encourage continuous learning and provide professional networking opportunies for our alumni‭, ‬the skills enhancement programme was launched in October 2021‭. ‬As of December 2021‭, ‬24‭ ‬HCSA Academy alumni have participated in these workshops‭.‬

Corporate Workshops

Besides the flagship WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services‭ (‬Culinary Arts‭). ‬HCSA Academy helps corporates to better understand‭ ‬soft commodities and other food products by conducting product training‭. ‬Sales staff from the food services division unit at NTUC Origin Healthcare received a curated training on sugars‭, ‬rice‭, ‬and oils in order to market their products better‭.‬

Continued Partnership with C3A

HCSA Academy’s partnership with Council for Third Age‭ (‬C3A‭) ‬continued on strongly in 2021‭, ‬engaging 34‭ ‬senior volunteers over eight cooking events‭. ‬

On-the-job training‭ (‬OJT‭) ‬for trainees

As part of the curriculum‭, ‬HCSA Academy trainees undergo on-the-job training‭ (‬OJT‭) ‬to acquaint them formally to a real-life work‭ ‬place environment‭. ‬A total of 16‭ ‬OJT events were held‭, ‬of which three were physical events in accordance to then-prevailing SMMs‭. ‬The remaining 13‭ ‬events were pivoted to bento meal preparations and subsequent deliveries to corporate supporters‭.‬

Aftercare support

Following graduation‭, ‬trainees are provided with aftercare support to help ensure they are adapting well to the F&B industry and‭ ‬new roles‭. ‬As of 2021‭, ‬seven alumni members benefitted from this aftercare support and secured higher job positions and salaries through referrals from HCSA Academy‭.‬