Meaningful partnerships with community‭, ‬corporate‭, ‬and religious groups enhance and fortify HCSA’s efforts for our beneficiaries‭. ‬The resources and expertise of such partners enable us to connect and serve better‭.‬

Partnerships and collaborations

GivePlease‭ - ‬More Seamless Way to Give Digitally

In collaboration with GivePlease‭, ‬a leading payment technology company specialising in seamless giving‭, ‬HCSA introduced‭  ‬a new digital platform that makes donating a secure and convenient experience for donors‭. ‬

Utilising technology‭, ‬the inconvenience from traditional donation boxes is completely removed through kiosk-enabled payment installations that accept donations digitally‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬this giving platform is approved by GovTech and connected with SingPass‭ ‬via a QR Code for instant donor enrolment with automated email and SMS tax receipts‭.‬

Singapore Exchange Limited‭ (‬SGX‭)‬

Another year of pandemic restrictions meant the SGX Bull Charge charity run was held virtually once more‭. ‬But this did not hamper the enthusiasm of HCSA’s staff‭, ‬beneficiaries‭, ‬and volunteers‭, ‬who joined other participants in Singapore and across other major cities worldwide to clock in miles as a show of support‭. ‬

In line with then-prevailing SMMs‭, ‬Sony Haq‭, ‬our Head of Academy represented HCSA in the Chief Challenge too‭. ‬In total‭, ‬we received a generous donation of‭ $‬340,105.13‭ ‬from the proceeds raised during this event‭.‬

Hongkong Land 2021‭ ‬Partnership

HCSA is proud to have found a generous and supportive partner in Hongkong Land to provide our beneficiaries across HCSA DRTC‭, ‬HCSA SPIN‭, ‬and HCSA Academy with the means to uplift the lives of numerous abused teenage girls‭, ‬single-parent children and at-risk youths‭.‬

Our beneficiaries under HCSA DRTC and HCSA SPIN have benefited from greater and better access to supplementary schooling and tuition‭, ‬as well as gained access to digital notebooks to facilitate online learning‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬more at-risk youths had access to scholarships to enroll in HCSA Academy’s WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services‭ (‬Culinary Arts‭) ‬and gained employable culinary skills and certification to kick start‭ ‬a sustainable career in the F&B sector with our industry partners‭.‬

Our teenage girls at HCSA DRTC also benefitted from the professional expertise and insights of Hongkong Land’s employees through its Community Engagement Program Career Coaching Workshop‭. ‬

Academy Scholarship Programmes

HCSA Academy is thankful to continue to receive scholarship support from the following partners‭: ‬

1‭.‬ Tan Chin Tuan Foundation

2‭.‬ The Majurity Trust

3‭.‬ Ishk Tolaram Foundation

4‭.‬ Octava Foundation

5‭.‬ Rotary Club of Singapore

Their sponsorship has enabled trainees hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds to cover the cost of course fees‭, ‬training materials‭, ‬and uniforms‭, ‬and allowed them to successfully complete their training and gain their WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services‭ (‬Culinary Arts‭). ‬A majority of our graduates go on to secure gainful employment through job placements with our industry partners‭.‬

Fundraising by The Closet Lover

In collaboration with The Closet Lover‭ (‬TCL‭), ‬HCSA co-created the‭ ‬‘HCSA Gladiolus Tote Bag’‭, ‬a specially designed tote bag inspired by the image of the Gladiolus flower‭, ‬which represents strength‭, ‬hope‭, ‬and resilience‭. ‬A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the tote bag was donated to HCSA DRTC and HCSA SPIN‭. ‬In total‭, ‬a total of 284‭ ‬tote bags were sold‭, ‬raising‭ $‬1,902.80‭ ‬for the above-mentioned programmes‭. ‬

ChariTrees 2021

HCSA was part of the ChariTrees 2021‭ ‬annual fundraising event‭, ‬where specially designed Christmas trees acknowledging community‭ ‬heroes and donors were lit up along the Marina Bay precinct‭. ‬In support of HCSA’s work‭, ‬The Rice Company Limited donated‭ $‬1,500‭ ‬through Mind the Gap 200‭.‬

Fundraising by Le Craftsmen and Creative Jewellery Studio

With support from Gold Tree Foundation‭, ‬Le Craftsmen and Creative Jewellery Studio banded together and assembled a team of jewellery designers to contribute unique pieces of fine and fashion jewellery for sale‭. ‬All proceeds were donated to HCSA and Singapore Red Cross‭. ‬Through this event‭, ‬Le Craftsmen raised a total of‭ $‬2,644‭ ‬for HCSA‭. ‬

Donations from SG Cares Giving Week 2021

As part of SG Cares Giving Week 2021‭, ‬SG Cares organised several projects in partnership with various corporates and sponsored care packs and goodie bags for our beneficiaries‭.‬

Through its‭ ‬‘Adopt a Bag’‭ ‬initiative‭, ‬HCSA received a total of 113‭ ‬food ration bags from SAFRA and delivered these to our beneficiaries homes with the help of volunteers‭. ‬20‭ ‬corporate volunteers from the Singapore Economic Development Board‭ (‬EDB‭) ‬provided 150‭ ‬care packs filled with healthcare and personal grooming items to our residents at HCSA Highpoint and HCSA DRTC‭. ‬Our single parent families from HCSA‭ ‬SPIN also received care packs from A*Star corporate volunteers‭. ‬

Support from church partners

HCSA Highpoint celebrated Christmas with its beneficiaries‭  ‬through three festive events held by our church partners‭. ‬These events‭, ‬held in line with SMMs‭, ‬were organised by Community of Praise Baptist Bible Church‭, ‬The Bible Church Singapore‭, ‬and Thomson‭ ‬Road Baptist Church‭. ‬These events helped spread much needed Christmas cheer to our beneficiaries‭.‬

‘Donate Your SRV’‭ ‬campaign with One Faber Group

As part of their CSR initiatives‭, ‬One Faber Group organised a‭ ‬‘Donate Your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers’‭ ‬campaign to fund‭ ‬‘experience’‭ ‬outings for our beneficiaries at Mount Faber and Sentosa‭. ‬Through the generous donation of the public‭, ‬over 10‭ ‬beneficiary families from our HCSA Highpoint and HCSA SPIN programmes enjoyed‭ ‬‘Gai Gai’‭ ‬tours‭.‬

Resumption of‭ ‬‘Lunch‭ ‬&‭ ‬Learn’‭ ‬corporate engagement sessions

We resumed our Lunch‭ ‬&‭ ‬Learn engagement sessions virtually in 2021‭ ‬as a way for our longstanding partners‭, ‬collaborators and donors‭, ‬and corporate employees to understand our programmes on a deeper level‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬and to thank them for their continued support for‭ ‬HCSA‭.‬

In September 2021‭, ‬we invited corporate employees from Empact for one such session‭. ‬To enhance the engagement process‭, ‬we brought in our HCSA DRTC team and an alumna where they shared insights and a testimony of her experience‭, ‬respectively‭. ‬Bento meals prepared by our HCSA Academy trainees were also delivered to Empact’s corporate employees‭. ‬

Fundraising Campaigns

HCSA 25th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign

As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations‭, ‬HCSA launched its HCSA 25th anniversary fundraising campaign through various online donation platforms‭: ‬HCSA website‭, ‬‭, ‬and Give.Asia‭. ‬The fundraiser was held in support of HCSA’s programmes that have helped provide transformative support to its beneficiaries of ex-offenders‭, ‬abused teenage girls‭, ‬single‭ ‬parents‭, ‬and at-risk vulnerable in our community over the past 25‭ ‬years‭.‬

Through the generous support of our donors and partners‭, ‬HCSA raised‭ $‬230,102‭. ‬This amount was also matched dollar-for-dollar by‭ ‬the Tote Board and the Singapore government as part of the Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme‭ (‬EFR‭). ‬

Gift25ive Campaign

In conjunction with our 25th Anniversary fundraising campaign‭, ‬HCSA launched‭ ‬‘Gift25ive’‭, ‬a virtual Christmas fundraiser to tap on the season of giving‭. ‬Upon making a donation‭, ‬donors had the opportunity to‭ ‬‘hang’‭ ‬a virtual decorative ornament on a virtual Christmas tree‭, ‬and to share a message of encouragement to our beneficiaries‭. ‬A total of‭ $‬81,010‭ ‬was raised during the‭ ‬‘Gift25ive’‭ ‬campaign‭.‬

Volunteer Engagement


We were awarded a certificate of achievement for completing the NCSS Volunteer Management Capability Development Consultancy Project 2021‭.‬

Regular trainings for volunteers

We also conducted five types of trainings to equip our volunteers with the appropriate skills and knowledge to help support our‭ ‬beneficiaries better‭. ‬

Training topics revolved around‭: ‬

  • Social service in Singapore
  • Healthy youth development‭: ‬
    Types of abuse‭ ‬
  • Crisis management‭ ‬
  • Managing trauma responses in the moment
  • Communication‭ ‬

Our volunteers shared that they found the information and framework provided in these trainings helped them to navigate the unexpected‭. ‬

“The volunteer trainings were informative and insightful‭.‬”
Brenda Ng‭, ‬HCSA SPIN volunteer
“Having frameworks and understanding how to use it really helps to navigate the unexpected‭.‬”
Ashima Thomas‭, ‬HCSA volunteer

Long-term Volunteer Partnerships with Corporates‭ ‬

Our corporate supporters continued to lend their support and organised a wide range of events to help our beneficiaries‭ .

These companies have volunteered on a regular basis to befriend‭, ‬assist‭, ‬and plan for our beneficiaries‭: ‬

  • Acting Up
  • Adam Khoo Learning Technologies
  • Beautiful People
  • Bedok Methodist Church
  • Children’s Society
  • Citi-Visa
  • City on a Hill‭ ‬
  • NUS Bizad Club‭ ‬
  • NYP‭ ‬
  • SGX‭ ‬
  • SMU Pro Bono Centre‭ ‬
  • Thomson Road Baptist Church


To honour and thank our volunteers for their hard work‭, ‬we held our annual volunteer appreciation virtually on 3‭ ‬December 2021‭. ‬We were honoured to have the event graced by Ms‭. ‬Denise Phua‭, ‬Mayor‭, ‬Central Singapore District‭. ‬