“During the pandemic, I had space to pause and think about what made me happy, and volunteering was on top of the list.”

Ashima Thomas

“I am a storyteller and media consultant‭. ‬Through my business‭, ‬I work with people and companies to help tell their stories‭. ‬I also conduct trainings and workshops on ethical storytelling‭.‬

Before the pandemic‭, ‬I was an active volunteer for many different causes‭. ‬But when I started my own business‭, ‬I had to focus a lot of my time running it‭, ‬and volunteering took a back seat‭. ‬During the pandemic‭, ‬I had space to pause and think about what made‭ ‬me happy that I hadn’t been doing enough of‭, ‬and volunteering was on top of the list‭. ‬I came across HCSA when I googled for volunteer organisations‭; ‬the organisation’s mission resonated with me and was what motivated me to sign up‭.‬

I currently volunteer with HCSA at least twice a week‭, ‬with my primary focus on leading and tending HCSA’s food garden‭. ‬Aside from that‭, ‬I assist with administrative and operational tasks‭ - ‬from helping to run‭ ‬‘Get To Know You’‭ ‬orientation sessions for new volunteers‭, ‬to writing for HCSA’s newsletters‭. ‬

The orientation sessions have been the most memorable part of my volunteer journey with HCSA thus far‭. ‬I relish connecting‭ (‬albeit virtually‭) ‬with people from diverse backgrounds who share a common desire to give back to the community‭. ‬Working on HCSA’s food garden is also a joy as I love gardening‭. ‬

I enjoy volunteering with HCSA as it has given me opportunities to contribute my skills and knowledge for good causes in Singapore‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬in a small way‭, ‬at least‭!‬”‭ ‬

“Volunteering has strengthened our mission in wanting to do more for youths.”

Er Wei Ting

“My name is Wei Ting and I work in the advertising tech space‭, ‬doing sales and business development‭. ‬As a passionate advocate for‭ ‬mental health‭, ‬I started‭, ‬a social enterprise centered around the promotion of mental health and wellness amongst youth via purposeful tools and products‭.‬

I work closely with Jolin, a health and fitness enthusiast who is also a member of Prompts. We volunteer at HCSA DRTC mostly during the school holidays, where we help organise workshops that equip the HCSA DRTC girls with tools to navigate challenges they may encounter in life. We’re also working on a mental health storybook project with HCSA DRTC, where we hope it helps the girls be more comfortable with sharing about their experiences and recovery journeys.

Our volunteer experience with HCSA has been a memorable one so far. It touches our heart whenever the girls express their appreciation to us for being there for them. It is also humbling to hear that despite all they’ve been through, they still desire to give back to society one day.

Volunteering with HCSA has made us realise the nuances of working with youths and has strengthened our mission in wanting to do more for them.”

“The culture at HSCA is one that’s supportive and collaborative, specially towards volunteers.”

Rachel Tay

“My name is Rachel‭, ‬and I am currently a final year undergraduate at the National University of Singapore‭. ‬I started volunteering‭ ‬with HCSA in 2020‭ ‬and am usually involved in events and short-termed projects‭. ‬

I like volunteering with HCSA because the organisation’s culture is supportive and collaborative towards volunteers‭. ‬Over the years‭, ‬the Highpoint team has been very encouraging to me‭, ‬and I appreciate how they work tirelessly to provide opportunities to engage and interact with us volunteers‭. ‬

Through volunteering‭, ‬it has helped me better appreciate those who work in the social services sector‭. ‬I have also gained many friends and experiences that will continue to shape my life‭.‬”

“(As a volunteer), it’s inspiring to see Highpoint alumni return for events because they want to give back to the place that supported them during their tough times.”

Aderyn Kang

“My name is Aderyn‭, ‬and I am awaiting to commence my studies in sociology at National University of Singapore‭ (‬NUS‭). ‬I have been‭ ‬a volunteer with HCSA since December 2018‭. ‬I typically provide the Highpoint and corporate services team with administrative or‭ ‬logistical support for events‭. ‬‮ ‬

I have a keen interest in social issues so in a way‭, ‬wanting to volunteer came quite naturally for me‭. ‬Volunteering with HCSA allowed me to better understand the complexities of these social issues and motivated me to contribute in whatever way I could‭. ‬It‭ ‬has also given me a connection to a great community‭. ‬

I’m particularly inspired by HCSA Highpoint’s alumni because most steadfastly continue to return for events and catch up with fellow former residents and the HCSA Highpoint‭ ‬team‭. ‬Witnessing this mutual appreciation and support is humbling and I’m glad to be part of it too‭.‬”

“As a semi-retiree, volunteering has given me something useful to do and I like knowing that I’m spending my time valuably.”

Eunice Gan

“I am a semi-retiree‭; ‬So I divide my time between writing‭, ‬mentoring‭, ‬and volunteering‭. ‬I have been a project-based volunteer with HCSA and contribute as an emotional wellness coach and trainer‭. ‬

As part of my role‭, ‬I conduct talks on diverse wellness topics for HCSA SPIN members‭. ‬I also produce content for them that focuses on methods of building emotional resilience‭. ‬It’s a good feeling when the members respond positively to these talks and tell me that they have learnt something new that can help them‭. ‬

I enjoy volunteering at HCSA very much‭. ‬Knowing that my time is spent valuably and that I am putting my skills and experience to‭ ‬good use by helping those in need is what motivates me to keep volunteering‭.‬”

“I was inspired to volunteer at HCSA when I saw a close friend of mine go through a painful and difficult divorce.”

Miti Garg

“My name is Miti and I am an associate faculty member at educational institutes‭. ‬I have been volunteering with HCSA since 2019‭ ‬and am currently a lead volunteer with HCSA SPIN‭. ‬

I was inspired to volunteer with HCSA when I saw a close friend of mine go through a painful and difficult divorce‭. ‬Seeing how she struggled to manage her job alongside raising her children made me want to help other single mothers who were also going through the same thing‭.‬

A memorable volunteering experience thus far was when some of the HCSA SPIN members were game for an impromptu meet-up at West Mall‭. ‬It was lovely to spend time with the single parents and their children and getting to know one other‭. ‬

Volunteering has made me realise that circumstances can change in any one’s life‭, ‬being there for each other is what makes life worth living for‭.‬”