How You
Can Help

Be part of our mission to empower the vulnerable and give them hope for a brighter future‭!‬

Volunteer With Us

Each year‭, ‬HCSA works closely with hundreds of different volunteers to empower the vulnerable and provide them hope for a better‭ ‬future‭. ‬

Whether you’re an individual looking to volunteer your time or a group looking to make a difference‭, ‬we want you‭! ‬We welcome volunteers from‭ ‬all walks of life‭, ‬as long as they’re excited about our vision‭. ‬

Reach out to us at‭ ‬

Be Our Donor

Charites like us require millions in funds annually in order to operate smoothly and serve our beneficiaries‭. ‬Your steadfast support helps ensure we continue to give a future and‭  ‬hope to our vulnerable groups‭. ‬All monetary donations are entitled to a 250‭ ‬per cent tax deduction‭. ‬Scan the QR code to donate‭. ‬

Thank you to all our donors, volunteers, and partners for your continued support!