In 2021‭, ‬HCSA continued its digital transformation journey towards becoming a more modern workplace‭.‬

We also embarked on new processes and programmes to ensure our staff remain well-equipped with hardware and‭ ‬‘heartware’‭. ‬

Digital Transformation

Standardisation of collaborative tools

Programmes and departments across HCSA aligned on using common platforms for collaboration‭, ‬such as Microsoft Teams‭, ‬SharePoint‭,‬‭ ‬and OneDrive‭. ‬HCSA’s networks and devices are now centrally managed for improved security as well‭. ‬


We adopted a cloud-first strategy and transitioned key corporate software applications from on-site set ups to a secure hosting‭ ‬on Azure cloud‭.‬

NCSS Tech Booster grant programme

Working alongside external consultants in the NCSS Tech Booster grant programme‭, ‬HCSA mapped out and gathered requirements for case‭, ‬donor‭, ‬and volunteer management‭. ‬These will serve as valuable input towards CRM 2.0‭, ‬a client relationship management system planned for 2022‭. ‬

Human Resources

360‭ ‬Feedback

In 2021‭, ‬HCSA implemented the 360-degree feedback for appraisals‭. ‬The goal is to encourage an open culture of giving and receiving feedback from beyond staff’s reporting officers‭, ‬and for staff to see from different perspectives and experiences‭. ‬Though challenging in some ways‭, ‬staff have generally been receptive to this new process‭, ‬and some have shared that it has been helpful for their own development‭. ‬

Coaching Our People Managers

Selected people managers embarked on a pilot coaching programme to improve on their management and leadership skills‭. ‬Through coaching‭, ‬our people managers have shared that they were able to reflect on their leadership‭, ‬and better manage various work situations and interactions‭. ‬A second run of this coaching programme will be held in 2022‭ ‬and be available to all HCSA staff‭.‬

Employee Engagement

SMMs may have oscillated throughout 2021‭, ‬but with our HCSA staff’s support‭, ‬we held an assortment of events that enabled our different departments to interact and engage with each other‭.‬

HCSA Go‭! ‬2021‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Jan 2021

HCSA Go‭!, ‬our annual townhall‭, ‬was held on 15‭ ‬January 2021‭. ‬It set the vision for the year ahead and aligned all staff towards the strategic pursuit of the organisation’s overall goals‭. ‬

Tea with CEO

‘Tea with CEO’‭ ‬sessions were initiated in 2021‭ ‬as our CEO‭, ‬Kim Lang Khalil‭, ‬wanted to engage and connect more with staff on the ground‭. ‬Although these sessions had to eventually be put on hold following P2HA restrictions‭, ‬staff who had attended earlier ones shared that‭ ‬they enjoyed them and were happy to get to know fellow colleagues from other departments‭. ‬

HCSA Chats‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Apr‭ (‬The Culture We Create‭) ‬and Oct‭ (‬The Future of Work‭) ‬2021

Borne out of not having sufficient time for dialogue during organisation-wide events‭, ‬HCSA Chats was launched in 2021‭. ‬An informal event aimed at encouraging staff to raise concerns‭, ‬issues‭, ‬or topics related to the set theme‭, ‬HCSA Chats had two half-day runs in 2021‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬April and October 2021‭. ‬Staff feedback on these discussions have generally been positive‭, ‬saying that they find HCSA Chats‭ ‬“dynamic”‭, ‬“engaging”‭, ‬and‭ ‬“insightful”‭. ‬

HCSA Celebrates‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Dec 2021

We took to Zoom for our annual Christmas celebration on 10‭ ‬December 2021‭, ‬and organised SMM-compliant get-togethers within each‭ ‬department to reflect upon the year‭. ‬Whatever the mode‭, ‬it was a good time of fellowship and a reminder we conquered yet another‭ ‬challenging year together as one HCSA‭. ‬