Vision for

The Year Ahead

2022 will be an exciting and dynamic year for HCSA. With its theme aptly titled ‘We’re All In T.H.I.S (Transforming HCSA Inside-Out, Step-by-Step) Together’, we continue our mission to empower the vulnerable whilst transforming ourselves into a high-performing, innovative and sustainable organisation.

Delivering quality services with counselling and social mobility:

In line with the Ministry of Social and Family Development‭ (‬MSF‭) ‬dedicating 2022‭ ‬as the Year of Celebrating SG Families‭ (‬YCF‭), ‬we will be implementing an enhanced service model for HCSA SPIN where counselling service will be offered‭.‬

STEP UP‭, ‬a mentoring programme designed to improve social mobility amongst beneficiaries and increase their self-confidence‭, ‬will also commence‭.  ‬

Enhancing our organisational capability through digital transformation:

Client Relationship Management (CRM) 2.0

A single unified platform to streamline management on donors‭, ‬volunteers‭, ‬and case data is currently in the pipeline‭. ‬Through CRM 2.0‭, ‬our aim is to keep relevant stakeholders better informed on organisational performance against targets and objectives‭. ‬

Digital upskilling

All staff members will undergo relevant training to strengthen their digital competencies. Technical resources will also be readily available for self-learning. A Robotic Process Automation will also be piloted in 2022 in a bid to digitise tasks in HR, Finance and other administrative areas.

Strengthening our organisation’s sustainability by:

Accelerating contactless giving options

In collaboration with GivePlease‭, ‬a payment technology company‭, ‬HCSA has introduced contactless giving via Smart Mobile POS terminals to make the giving process more secure and convenient‭.  ‬

Developing social enterprise via HCSA Academy

Following our selection into raiSE Singapore’s REIMAGINE programme‭, ‬we will be actively developing HCSA Academy to operate similar to a social enterprise‭, ‬but without the need for a separate business entity‭.‬